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Mountain Mushrooms is a farming enterprise run by Loping Coyote Farms.

Loping Coyote Farms is a local LLC started in Reno in 2009. We run a small plant nursery, develop gardens and farms, and do consultations and design work for gardens and farms.


Mountain Mushrooms is our latest adventure. On the northern edge of Reno, on the north side of Peavine Mountain, (site pictured to the right), we are growing organic gourmet culinary mushrooms of the highest quality to sell in our local community.

About Us


The Difference – Why Choose Our Mushrooms?

  • Quality

    • We put all our efforts into small-scale production focused on growing the very best mushrooms, not the very most mushrooms. By growing on such a small-scale, we are able to watch our systems very closely and fine-tune our growing to make sure we are, in fact, getting the best product that we possibly can. We believe the difference will show in the excellent taste of our high quality mushrooms. In addition, our whole mushroom farm is now certified organic, assuring our customers that only organic inputs are used for our substrate, most importantly, as well as in all other aspects of our operation.

  • Freshness

    • We grow right here on the edge of Reno, and our entire operation is timed to get our mushrooms from our grow room to our customers as soon as possible. Fresh mushrooms don’t last long; quality and taste decreases dramatically when they have to sit for very long after picking. We know we can get our mushrooms to our customers much quicker, with much more freshness in them, than any non-local growers. Mushrooms are like greens – they cannot be shipped far without losing a lot of their life.

  • Local

    • We have been residents of this community most of our lives and our business has been operating 100% locally since it began in 2009. We believe in helping to create a resilient and rich local food movement, and we want to offer our high quality mushrooms as a part of that collection of locally-produced, locally-owned, locally-invested food enterprises.

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